Reminder that we have access to Turnitin, a valuable tool to use with the students. It will help with grading and plagiarism.  

If you need help with login information for yourself let Shelley know how she can be of assistance.  

Andi and Shawn use it a lot with their English course and may be of great assistance. 

Just an FYI , we are sharing our license with Ft. Jennings this year and they have the same screenshots.

Screenshots are included as attached files.

Picture 1: (page3Turnitin.pdf) Adding a class button (Teachers must add their own classes)

Picture 2: (page4Turnitin.pdf) Sample Class List (Notice the past classes become expired)

Picture 3: (page5Turnitin.pdf) Screen image for creating a class. Students will need the enrollment password you create.

Picture 4: (page6Turnitin.pdf) An example of the Class ID and password you will need to provide to the students

Picture 5: (page7Turnitin.pdf) An example when you add an assignment button

Picture 6: (page8Turnitin.pdf) The screen when adding an assignment (You can set it so students can submit once or multiple times.  

For example our science fair projects are submitted several times.)